As vendor at the Shoff Comic book and Card Show on Saturday January 26, 2019 at the Annandale Fire House Expo Hall  (7128 Columbia Pike 22003) I had a small set of comic books stolen from my display.

The comic books are:

1.       Get Smart 2

2.       Get Smart 3

3.       Get Smart 4

4.       Get Smart 5

5.       Get Smart 6

6.       The Big Valley 1

7.       The Big Valley 2

8.       Garrison's Gorillas

9.       The Wild Wild West 1

10.   The Wild Wild West 2

I have photos of the Get Smart, Big Valley, and Wild, Wild West books, as I shared them on Facebook and Instagram. While it can hard to distinguish comics, some of the books has a distinctive date stamp markings on the cover. Others had creases that maybe be able to use to match up again the photos, but the date stamps are the most identifiable feature.  It is hard to see the date stamps in the photos, but I have retained better photos.

I believe the individual responsible is a regular attendee of shows in the Washington DC area.  This person may try to sell or trade my 10 books. Please keep watch for them. I am filing a police report with Fairfax County to legitimize my claims to these books.

In case the person does not change out the bags and boards, I place my prices in little color sticker on the upper right side. As DELL books they have no number on them, so I wrote the number (and maybe the condition) in the circle. I also made notations on the backing boards.

Please email me if you see them. Thank you.


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